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Event Agency Geneva specializes in event & business catering for companies based in Switzerland and abroad.

Event Agency Geneva is not a catering company. We are different. We deliver food solutions to spice up your event and make your guests taste the quality of your brand by adding creativity and innovation to your individual menu. Alright, that's our passion, so far. Can we do standard catering for corporate or private events, parties, festivals or exhibitions as well? Sure. But no dry sandwiches or sticky fingerfood, deal? Perfect, then we’re on the same page, and we have the same zip code!

Event Agency Geneva believes that creativity is king and focus is the emperor. That's why we specialize in finding a food solution through a catering concept for events between 50 and 1.000 guests. Within this range, we're able to serve contemporary food as well as ethnic catering - we're as flexible as your imagination, dear client.

What makes Event Agency Geneva's catering so special?

Well, you'll see, when you experience it for yourself. Have you ever thought about ordering a 100 metre ice bar to wow your guests? You should consider it, it creates literally crazy results. Do you require a concept bar with the finest beverages being handed out by a contortionist? Creates a fantastic setting for taking branded photos. Do you require a food truck Citroen H van that feeds up to 100 people during your private birthday party or corporate event? We have a fantastic range of street food concepts available as well as fine catering solutions and we're sure that you're aware: tasty gourmet burgers with Swiss cheese are an enlightenment. Let us surprise you or find a solution together!

As you're a well recognised, high quality brand and your brand image is important to you and your co-workers, you can be certain that our catering solutions will always include more than adequate and highly professional event staff and hostesses. Your dedicated team at Event Agency Geneva convey the quality and personality of your event or conference.

Event Agency Geneva's Catering Solutions

Catering solutions proposed by our event professionals will be always unique, seasonal and include healthy, fresh ingredients from the triangle area of Switzerland, France and Italy. Please find a short excerpt from our range of services below:

  • Event Catering
  • Business Catering
  • Exhibition Catering
  • Conference Catering
  • Festival Catering
  • Canapés & Finger food
  • Wedding Catering
  • Plated Food
  • Dessert
  • Food Stations & Trucks
  • Candy Bars & Pop-Up Stands
  • Venue Finding

Event Agency Geneva creates special solutions (here go the candy bars etc.....)

As your delicious event catering company in Geneva, the Event Agency Geneva will put together an individual menu for your event. The Event Agency Geneva can use organic produce and locally made products which are purchased from the local farmer's markets as well as use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and paper products. Due to our international client base, at the Event Agency Geneva, we are familiar with creating 'Halal' as well as 'Kosher' menus and vegetarian or vegan food. Our low-carb meals will satisfy your health-conscious guests and the leftover food is donated to local shelters.

Describing the Event Agency Geneva in just one word? Yummy!

Naim Akbar, CEO of Royal Madina, Client

Our solid experience in the event industry allows us to work with many great clients – here’s just a few of the incredible clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

Would you like to learn why the Event Agency Geneva would be your ideal event agency partner? Then convince yourself right here. If you're already convinced that we're the perfect match, then we should talk.