Event Agency Geneva – Team Building Activities

Event Agency Geneva is your event management partner for memorable team building activities across Switzerland.

Event Agency Geneva is a professional and creative partner for your team building activities and incentive events. Our range of inventive challenges and inspiring programs turn creative team events into impressive group achievements. Here, at the Event Agency Geneva, we always imagine a special team building activity that matches your company’s spirit. By analyzing and evaluating your requirements, we always find an outstanding activity that will amaze your employees. By always finding the right equilibrium between entertainment and reasoning, our team like to submit complete and creative solutions to our beloved clients.

Your events agency in Geneva - Book the locals!

Event Agency Geneva is at home in the marvellous area around Lake Geneva in South Switzerland. We love and know this place like the back of our hand so as a professional event management company we offer free venue finding services which take off pressure from you. Don't hesitate to benefit from our wealth of contacts from more than 20 years of industry experience or just enjoy having a look at our list of preferred venues that we've selected for you. These venues are literally made for unforgettable team building activities - from racing through the picturesque streets competing in a treasure hunt to transforming a five star venue into a culinary land of milk and honey through a cooking course, there's nothing the Event Agency Geneva cannot do!

Event Agency Geneva's activities portfolio includes:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Events
  • Chocolate Rally
  • Lake Sailing
  • Karting & Buggy
  • Wine Tasting in Lavaux
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Learning & Development Events
  • Jet Flights above the Alps
  • Creativity & Innovation Challenges
  • MasterChef Challenge
  • Personalized solutions which fits your company spirit… inquire now for more information ☺

At the Event Agency Geneva, we like to surprise you and your employees. By discovering new exercises and intrigues, the intrigues and challenges raised by team building become fascinating. Have you ever experienced how long and challenging a day in a musty room can be when sticky finger food is the only interesting thing far and wide? Sad enough. Let's create some real lasting event together - Switzerland is the perfect place to have a great time!

What clients say about Event Agency Geneva's team building events:

I started organizing my company's Christmas incentive events with the Event Agency Geneva two years ago and I was thrilled by the catchy concepts they came up with. I felt all my employees had a meaningful moment and I have to say it’s the best Boss feeling ever. Professional, fun and enjoyable - that's what a corporate event is supposed to be!

Horst, Project Manager of Junker, Client

Engaging partners, friends and their families is what we're made for. If you'd like to learn more about what clients and Brands enjoyed about working with us already, you should have a look at our portfolio - that's been a great pleasure!

Would you like to learn why the Event Agency Geneva would be your ideal event partner? Then convince yourself right here. If you're already convinced that we're the perfect match, then we should talk.